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Eleven years on Wednesday  / Deana (Sister)  Read >>
Eleven years on Wednesday  / Deana (Sister)
Wednesday marks Eleven years you have departed this earth 🌏 the days fly 🧚‍♂️by, but you never left me. I can still hear your laugh 😂, see that smile on your face 😁and hear you bitching about something🤷🏻‍♀️. not one day goes by without me thinking 💭 about you, talking about one of your great memories🚗💨💨🌲🐰📟📟. I wonder 🧐what you would say of things going on in my life. I know you are watching 😇over us, Ashley says Audrey waves 👋🏻to you. I hope you know how truly loved ❤️and missed you are. I still get angry😡 that I can’t fight 🤛🏻with you or talk shit 💩about everything. They say time 🕰lessens the pain, I don’t know who those idiots are 🤦🏻‍♀️but they got it wrong. I feel the same pain 💔as I did that moment I found out you were ripped🌠 from my life. I still remember that moment I saw you in a casket and then it sunk In, it wasn’t a nightmare😫, it was reality😭you are gone. You were so much more then just my sister👯‍♀️, you were my best friend, my partner in crime 😈, my confidant🤫my motivator 🤗and occasionally my mentor. I know you are with family and some of your closest friends, but I’m greedy😒 I want you here still. Even though I know that the next time I see 👀you it will be in heaven☁️just know that your life will continue to live on for generations. I miss and love you Danielle. Until we meet again 🍾🥂🥃💨💨🌲🍄🌻😘 Danielle “Beanie” Reimers January 10,1982 to March 14, 2007 Close
addicts prayer  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
addicts prayer  / Mom (mom)
An Addicts Prayer By Danielle Reimers 01/10/96-03/14/2007 When all is lost to me and sober is the way to be Powerless over a drug Starved for attention or just a hug All I can do is pray, For sobriety just for today love me just a little more And I’ll show you happiness Behind the door A new life in store for me brand new territory to see God hold me tight So I can stay sober through the night Close
8 years..  / Ashley (Sister)  Read >>
8 years..  / Ashley (Sister)
I miss you more then anything, and I always wonder who you'd be.. And I wonder if I would have made different decisions or taken different roads but I know you would be proud of who I am and how much I have accomplished.. It's hard not being able to hear your laugh or listen to your advise whenever I need it.. I miss you sis and I know one day we will meet again but its already been 8 years and my heart hurts even more then the last year.. Love and miss you forever xoxo Ashely 💕 Close
Milestones / Mom   Read >>
Milestones / Mom
Wow so much has happened becca baby graduated with honors and Ashley turned 21 and Deana and her went to Vegas and hung out with Jess deana turns 35 wow I feel so old but sure do miss ya Close
Still missing you  / Mom   Read >>
Still missing you  / Mom
Hello Danielle I hate this day.Its the day you left.The pain never goes away. I hear a song,see a butterfly,hear a comment that reminds of you what we lost. I miss that laugh.I miss you.So much has happened in the last 7 years Becca gonna graduate Ashley gonna be 21 and deana doing her thing and has the most wonderful little girl angie whom you never got to see and enjoy.You would love her. Aunt Debbie is doing good and we have bobbys little boy to get her through Christian. bobby still in the pen but will be getting out soon hope he flies right this time.Kara has a little boy Joshua who is too cute.Katie getting married in 2015 and their grand mom just passed away.Patty doing her thing and rick being rick.I am struggling but have all these people to get me through this tough times. I just wish you didnt go. I love you and hope to see you again in heaven Close
doesnt get any easier  / Mom   Read >>
doesnt get any easier  / Mom
Wow You would think it wont hurt as much as time goes by. But my heart still hurts like the day you left this world. You are still missed and loved. You touched so many people lives. People write to me they miss your laugh or your smile.they bring up memories that some times i think i forgot. I will never forget u. Love mom I hope you are at peace. Close
I need you now more than ever.  / Maryellen Reimers (Sister)  Read >>
I need you now more than ever.  / Maryellen Reimers (Sister)
Danielle, I wish upon wish you were still here. I miss all those letters we wrote back and forth, I still have the bear from our last Christmas. It helps because when everything gets too hard I hug her as tightly as I possibly can and I cry. But still, I would give anything and everything for it to be me hugging you instead! I love you so very much, and to this day I still feel a part of me that's missing where you should be. Does this pain ever end? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that soon I will be with you in heaven. I now understand what you had meant all those years ago, yet somehow it feels like just yesterday you were with me. Love, Maryellen You will NEVER be forgotten ♥♥ Close
Its been awhile  / Mom   Read >>
Its been awhile  / Mom
hello danielle its been awhile how i miss ya think of ya.some days its just so hard you would think it would be easy by now. No it still hurts seaside was destroyed by sandy a lot of our memories down there. That song Kenny wrote down by the sea sure by the carosuel makes me cry and remember you. I miss grandmom so much too.Times are changing and i just miss my family I feel so far apart from them and tired of letting everyone down some days its takes all my strenghth to get out of bed if i could have 1 do over it would be that day you died. Kara is due on your birthday I hope not maybe she will be early.Well I guess thats all for now I will write more I dont know why I dont it hurts and sometimes its better not talking about it but not really. I love you danielle and miss you I hope you know this. Love mom Close
its been 5 years today  / Mom   Read >>
its been 5 years today  / Mom
my god its been 5 years it really doesnt seem that long ago. I still hear that laugh and some times i think u might walk through the door. Sometimes i think u will be back I miss u we all do just lettting u know we think about u. love u mom Close
another friend  / Mom   Read >>
another friend  / Mom
Danielle shawn killed his self yesterday.I am sure u will see him.Kara so upset watch over her. I think it is selfish of a person who does that why the people u leave behind hurt and never understand why miss u love u mom Close
take buddy with you  / Mom   Read >>
take buddy with you  / Mom
Danielle buddy is sick and i gotta let him go. Take care of him i know you will.maybe he will keep you companyI know he loved every one and when you died he was so sick but this time I know he isnt getting better.I dont want him to suffer. My heart is breaking i miss u and now buddy is leaving why does everyone i love leave I miss you all so much my miss my mom i would give anything to have you back till  i see you again love mom Close
isnt funny  / Mom   Read >>
isnt funny  / Mom

well after all those years danielle your father finally said it to bad it was to late.When you passed away and you wanted to be creamated and we followed your wishes. But because nj says the birth father has to sign off on so we had to locate dean and when he was supposed to sign the papers never did. WE had a beautiful service but instead of you being put to rest you had to go back to the funneral home fridge until we went before a judge to show him that the birth father had no right in the say of danielle. Was he  there  after she turned 6 no. He moved away never to come back to c them. When she was sick did he come no she endure 18 hour of surgery in one day . When she graduated and the whole communtiy was there to stand up and applaud her has she got out of the wheel chair and walked up on that stage and got it. I still here the roar! She made the front page of the news paper.Was he there no. We were rick and me and her family who cared about her.Was he there when she crashed her car and had 2 broking legs and had to have rods put in two more head surgeries.Where was he did he call send a card. No he was only there when she got hooked on herion and he sent her money so she could buy more drugs cause i cut her off. But i picked her up and got her help. i never turn my back or left her behind i was there through thick n thin.She said i was her rock. But when we went to endless counseling it was always the same story. Her father abandoned her, He never loved her who does that? Dean did that. so my danielle I hope you are at peace and hanging with my parents the best ones anyone could ask for. love you Mom


i miss you cuz think of you all the time <3  / Kara Mcvicker (cousin)  Read >>
i miss you cuz think of you all the time <3  / Kara Mcvicker (cousin)
Danielle how I miss you! I have alot of memories ones that make me smile ones that make me cry you were a big part of my live cuz you were always there for me :( ill always miss you cuz love u Close
still missing you  / Mom   Read >>
still missing you  / Mom
Well today is the fourthof Juli and your sister is moving in a house near us. Thank god she is out of Philadelphia. You would love angie she is a real hoot. She reminds me of you and deana when u were little. So another day and holiday with out you Love MOM Close
Where Did Time Go?  / Maryellen Reimers (Sister)  Read >>
Where Did Time Go?  / Maryellen Reimers (Sister)

I miss my sister so much. I never got to see her much but I thought of her EVERYDAY. And still do this day she never leaves my thought and I mean EVER. When she wrote to me we always talked of what we wanted to do in lifehow we loved scooby doo and how much we loved each other. I feel so guilty. I was suppose to visit her  and didnt.The last time I saw her is when i was 6. 10 years since I have seen her. I love you so much Danielle Nicole Reimers. You are the only reason I get up in the morning.I just...wish I had been there for her.

Im still not over it and never will be.There is that whole in my heart still where she was and is but its like she is completely gone from me. I dont have what everyone else does.The poemsand people to remember with.


Forever Your Sister

Maryellen Margaret Reimers 

4 years today  / Mom   Read >>
4 years today  / Mom
Well I ran into your friends at Bills and its been awhile since I heard Bean and Mrs Reimers all in the same sentence. Brought back memmories good ones. we all miss you and hoped it didnt end the way it did. We all loved you and still do. The band played wish you were here and Free bird. I knew then you are ok Thanks for the signs thats what gets me by. On the way home from the cementary same songs on  the radio. On my way to work runa way train. tears still come and always will. Hope you are with grandmom & pop pop. Tell them I miss them so much too. It really is hard and some times my heart hurts so much that i dont think I can take it but some how we get by Till I see youi again MOM Close
another Day with out you  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
another Day with out you  / Mom (mom)
Thanksgiving was not the same with out you miss your laughter. It supposed to be with family and I was but I still miss you and my mom and dad.Its supposed to get easier but somehow the pain is still there. I am sorry and I miss you so much Hope you are happy Love mom Close
Time does ease the pain but  / Mom   Read >>
Time does ease the pain but  / Mom
Time has eased the pain but it never really goes away. We are in florida at grandmoms house thinking about the memories and times we all spent here. I miss you still and so do the girls. angelina's a hoot you would have laughed and loved her so much we give her extra hugs for you. I read ashleys book again tonight it was like reading it for the first time.Danielle you were so loved why did you have to go? some day i will get my answer. Well talk to u later love mom Close
still missin u  / Mom   Read >>
still missin u  / Mom
Watchin home videos you seemed happy and laughin alot sure do miss you. the girls really do too. I think you are the girls angel cause it seems that they arev comforted knowin you are watchin over them. Its your birthday in 3 days you would be28 and becca 14. Hope u r celebratin. Tell my mom and Dad Hi. Think about you guys all the time. I want to go back to Florida even though the girls hated it I liked it just missed my friends But you know we always want we can't have. Talk to you later I love Happy B day Mom Close
missing U  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
missing U  / Mom (mom)
It is so hard we think about you every day. Marge is there now it seems everyone is leaving our lifes. The Baby gets me through alot. She makes me laugh again. The girls miss u. We are all struggling with you and grandmom being goneso many times i want to pick up the phone and call my mom and u.Time does ease the pain but it still is there and always will be. I loved you so much and I wished you did die. I feel cheated no danilelle and my mom still had alot of years left I don't understand why god took you both from me. Till we meet again love u. Watch over all of us. You and grandmom would love this baby she truly is an angel. Love mom Close
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